You can never be certain when will something go wrong with your vehicle. If such event should happen, you will be stranded on the side of the road. These uneasy times can possibly leave you stressed, annoyed, and even dangerous depending on your location. You need to ensure that when this happens, you have a solution that is both reliable and fast. Bob’s Towing Playa Del Rey is standing by 24 hours a day to provide roadside solutions for you.

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Roadside Assistance - Jump Start Car

Jump Start

Jump-starting an automobile is not complicated. However, if you are not sure of the methods, it can be dangerous to you. Furthermore, you will possibly damage your automobile too.


Just because your automobile acts as if the battery is dead, does not necessarily mean that is the case. A quick jump start from one of your friends may help get the vehicle to turn over and start. However, it may also leave you stranded the next time you start your automobile. With corrosion on the terminals, a solid connection is not achievable, causing the automobile to act as if the battery is dead. The applies to the wires of the battery. Our professional staff knows how to examine the battery, wires, and terminals to ensure they are all in working condition, so you will not be stranded due to a dead battery.

Flat Tire Change

Flat Tire Change

Keep driving on a flat tire may be very dangerous. Furthermore, it may also cause damage to the wheel hub assembly or other parts of the vehicle. Not forgetting if you drive with low air in the tires controlling the car becomes very difficult and therefore dangerous, this will endanger you and the other drivers on the road. Therefore, for fast 24-hour tire change service, you can count on us.

Roadside Assistance - Fuel Delivery

Car Fuel Delivery

It may be unusual for you to forget refueling the gas tank, or you may need to go out for a long road trip and did not realize the fuel is running out. If you need car gas delivery services in Playa Del Rey, you can always count on us. No matter the when just pick up your phone and call us, we shall have our service team go to your location and fill up the fuel tank and get you going in the shortest time.


You may have forgotten to check your fuel gauge when rushing out for work, or you might have driven a much longer distance than usual. It is not pleasant to know your gas tank is running low and there is no gas station to be found. We can deliver the fuel right to you when you call us. You can choose the portion of the gas to refuel; you may want to fill up just a little so you can drive to a gas station if available, all you may choose to refuel all.

Car Lockout 

Drivers may lose their keys and get locked out of their own vehicles. Or they could be rushing for works and left their keys inside the vehicles, only to realize afterward. Our professional locksmith and technicians are able to help you get back to your vehicle in no time. Just call our 24/7 service hotline, and we will assist you. 

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